FLYWOO BT-NANO V2 Bluetooth Module for fpv drone



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Puts Flight Controller Into Bootloader Mode

After originally installing it on a few boards I went to some Matek boards and found the board were going into bootloader mode. I then tested it on several other brands and found similar results. It appears they only work on 75% of the boards out there and for the rest it locks them up, I would hate to think what would happen as it doesnt do it on reboot but seems to take a little time and then the board goes into bootloader, to put it simply if you take off it will be shortly after take off that boatloader mode kicks in, so it made me think what if it does it 5 mins later, what if it happens flying over a river etc. too risky so I removed them and simply installed the extra channels from the crossfire module and use bluetooth that way in bridge mode.,

pls contact our tech support

Matek F722 HD boards wont work

This little device works well on almost every board I have installed it on except for the Matek F722HD board, for that reason it gets a 4 out of 5, none the less it works and is recognised by the speedybee app and you can make changes as needed on those tiny builds where your USB port is not accessible

Convenience maximiser

I came across this item by chance and it's changed so much for me for the better that I will add one to every build from now on.

It makes life so much easier!

Flywoo Bluetooth module

Fast delivery from China, item work perfect, easy to install and setup.
I now don’t have to take my laptop when tuning any of my quads


One of two units faulty out of the box. DIdn’t get refund. No pad for disabling bluetooth after arm or password protection. Anybody can connect to your drone while you fly and this will disarm it immediately.

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