Flywoo Ant V2 ultralight micro 3'' Titanium Frame kit

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  • Description
  • The Ant V2 Frame design makes installation and maintenance easy. With the 3-inch propeller power system, users have ensured a super great flying experience. 

    The Ant V2 was designed for the Caddx Vista \ Air unit \ Analog  with less total weight than 250g. It is also suited for a 5-inch propeller power system and flight controllers.


    • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe
    • 140 mm wheelbase,38g
    • Popular Deadcat style configuration, No prop in View
    • Fits 16x16 , 20x20 stacks


    • Type: 3" FPV Freestyle frame
    • Frame wheelbase: 140mm 
    • Frame weight: 37.7 g
    • Standoff: M2*25mm(4pcs)
    • Thickness of top plate: 2mm

    • Thickness of bottom plate: 3mm

    • Mounting Holes: 20*20mm

    • Support camera size: 19*19mm 22*22mm
    • Dual stack, , 20x20 M2 
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    asif kachlon

    Flywoo Ant V2 ultralight micro 3'' Titanium Frame kit

    Nice and simple

    I’am overall happy with this frame.
    The one piece bottom frame is well built and the recessed screw holes at the bottom is spot on for the M2 screws. The motor mount screws holes nicely fit the Xing 1408 3600kv motors I used for the build. It was easy enough to mount the FC in the front and the ESC in the rear. Just be sure to reconfigure FC orientation in Betaflight or whatever configurator you’re using. I mounted the VTX on top of the ESC with adequate spacing. The 16x16 or 20x20 mounting options are also nice to see. I opted for the 20x20 stack option. The individual standoffs is a great idea especially for making room for the capacitor at the back of the ESC unlike the first version of the ANT. This was not possible when using 20x20 stacks on the Flywoo Explorer LR... Come to think about it I think I had more room with this frame than the Explorer LR… probably because I used the Non Naked Caddx Vista on the Explorer and I’m using the HM600 VTX on this build. But with the technology of the newer AIO boards and less space required for it, it should be fine for future builds. But I think the standoffs could’ve been equal width all the way around for saving even more space, and possibly a little more weight. Also could’ve been a little shorter for lowering the center of gravity and lowering the top deck. Maybe durability was more in mind when these standoffs were designed to be wider at the ends.
    But would be easier for stand-off mounting options if they were not flared at the ends. It would also be nice if STL files were free and downloadable for the rear mounted GPS antenna that extends about an inch away from the frame and for the FPV camera standoff mounting options. I did not use the provided metal FPV camera mounts for weight saving. Instead, I printed front post mounts for the camera. Just zip tied the ELRS receiver mini T antenna vertically to one if the slots where the metal camera mount would go into on the top deck. Floats great in a room but I’ll just have to see how that turns out with what flavor jello I may or may not get when I go outside to fly… weather permitting.
    I’m happy with this frame.

    So future improvements suggestions are
    1. Equal width stand-off all the way around for easy standoff mounting options but doing so might compromise durability. (maybe a little shorter) to slightly lower the top deck height.
    2. Downloadable STL files for GPS antenna, FPV camera, Vertical radio receiver antenna, and VTX antenna mounts. BUT perhaps designing your own printable parts is part of the hobby 👍🏼
    Great design overall!

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