FLYWOO-CRAB 220mm Frame Kit

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Strong and rigid, Crab invites overpowering

Saw this on sale for $30 and had to give it a go. Prior experience building up an Explorer frame really impressed me with Flywoo's quality engineering and clever design.

This frame supports 5" props and 30.5mm electronics. Minimum vertical clearance is 23mm (at rear) to 26mm (at front) from the component mounting lugs to the aluminum over-frame will allow up to a 3-layer stack, depending on height of your boards. As the lugs and sub-frame board are separated by the 5mm arms, it may be possible to put small, thin components underneath the lugs below the bottom of your stack.

My assembled frame with no components (or strap) added tipped my scale at 91.7 grams, a tad more than spec, but still pretty light for such a robust and rigid frame.

Beefy 5mm stretch-X arms from a 130x175mm box, CTC, and have solid motor protective extensions with neatly chamfered edges. Other CF parts are beefy, too; crisply and very cleanly cut, but not sharp. Fit is very close indeed, making an extremely rigid airframe when all the screws are tightened.

Over-frame is cleverly designed so that you can remove to screws from the bottom, and loosen two at top rear, then swing the entire canopy up and over, to expose the entire interior space. Plenty of room for camera, 19mm width, or 25mm, depending on which way you install the over-frame.

Crab is designed for a top-mounted battery. The frame kit did not include a battery pad, something you will want to add. 1000-1300 3s/4s fit nicely on the top deck. (Figuring a good place and method to mount a GPS may be a bit of a challenge.)

It really looks like it should take a ton of abuse, with well-protected hardware.

This is my second Flywoo frame kit.
If it looks tempting for your purpose, do not hesitate.

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