Explorer LR 4 Analog Pro Micro Long Range FPV Bnf F745 BGA FC 35A ESC GPS V2.0

Receiver option: PNP


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OK Quality

In general i‘m pretty happy. only problem was that the smo power cable was lose when i got it, and my beeper got stuck after a few days and i had to cut the lipo to make it stop.

worst thing however is gps cabling. mine came without copper foil, so it takes long to get a gps lock and i get 7 sats max…

but everything else is perfect. will order again soon!

Paul Wawer
Worst customer experience I have ever had

I can't recommend anyone to buy from flywoo.
I bought the flywoo Pro model and when I received it the camera feed wasn't working from the beginning.
After contacting customer support it took over a week for the first reply and I was only told to write someone else. After doing so the next trouble started that I couldn't receive their emails (never happend to me before) the problem with flywoo support was that after giving them a functioning adress they keept sending emails to the wrong one and claimed they answered which delayed everything even further.

The worst thing is that in the beginning they claimed I broke the drone although I had clear proof that the flight controller was faulty due to BAD QUALITY CONTROL.
After writing for one more week they finally accepted that I ship the controller back and receive a new one.

A customer shouldn't have to fight for a working product from factory!
My first complain was over a month ago. I haven't received the replacement part yet.
I will updated if I do.

I cannot recommend anyone to buy from flywoo due to how they treat theire loyal customers.
I have already spend around 700$ and was still treated like shit!!!!

Great drone, could use quality control

Great little drone with a lot of power en speed for a long-range cruiser. Default tune could use some work to help with the prop wash oscillation. I order extra arms and did not receive them, was told they would be sent with my next order so now I have to spend more money to get something I originally order and paid shipping for to be sure I got it in good condition. Wish the GPS still had the copper foil around it. I'm struggling with a lot of VTX breakup, I dont know if it is from the GPS or a bad VTX. Saw on my VTX that some caps are touching each other and without a circuit diagram I am unsure if it should be that way or not. Maybe I just got a bad VTX or maybe the GPS is causing a lot of EMI.

Tjerk ten Dam

Explorer LR 4 Analog Pro Micro Long Range FPV Bnf F745 BGA FC 35A ESC GPS V2.0

Super fast shipping! Great customer service from Ally

Item shipped and arrived in UK with no import tax just over a week.
-GPS lock is fast - within a minute or 2
-Caddx Ratel 2 is good, but does not include the original wire and keypad to change the settings - luckily I have one from Runcam Nano 2 which works with it.
-Flies smooth, easy to control even though I am a beginner
- Great flight time even without L-ion packs, I ordered their Tattu R-line 1050 4s 95c, they run for about 15 minutes
-GPS rescue works straight out of the box

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