Back in Stock FLYWOO ROBO RB 1202.5 5500kv \11500kv 1.5mm shaft FPV Motor

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KV: 【No.A071】11500KV-1PC
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  • Description
  • Specifications:

    FLYWOO ROBO MOTOR RB1202.5 5500kv 2-4S \ 11500kv 1~2S FPV NEW MOTOR
    Stator diameter: 12mm
    Stator height: 2.5 mm
    Kv: 5500 kv \ 11500kv
    Bearings: NSK
    Wire Length: 150 mm
    Shaft size: M1.5
    Mounting Screw
    Pattern: 9×9 mm

    1x FLYWOO ROBO RB1202.5  MOTOR
    2x M2*7 4XM2*5 ounting Screw

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Jack Johnson
    Amazing motors

    Highly recommend these motors, very smooth, durable and good overall. Excellent for a 1s 3" babytooth build. Great shipping time, only took about 2 weeks for it to get to me in NZ.

    Richard Lewis

    The motors are pretty good, nice power and consistent, I did have one go out due to an obstruction in the prop guard, I did power down fairly quickly so I was surprised that it blew.. but there was an obstruction so I still give the 4 stars because I love the little Hex.... tons of fun..


    Back in Stock FLYWOO ROBO RB 1202.5 5500kv \11500kv 1.5mm shaft FPV Motor

    Laurent Tsyboula

    Back in Stock FLYWOO ROBO RB 1202.5 5500kv \11500kv 1.5mm shaft FPV Motor

    Stewart Annis
    First 1S 18650 Explorer Quad - Holy Tiny Motors Batman

    Five Stages of Tiny Motor Acceptance

    1. Order Tiny Motors with Poor Conception of How Small They Really Are

    2. 3D Print New Quad Body, Surely You've Scaled the Motor Mounts Wrong

    3. Watch Shipping Notifications: Rejoice when you see, "Your Package From FlyWoo has arrived."

    4. Open Package, freak out about tiny motors, show your wife said tiny motors, be humiliated when she cracks inevitable joke. Mount motors to little quad and send it.

    5. Forget everything you have ever said about ordering tiny motors for tiny quads and enjoy this wonderful thing you have just built with the help of the FlyWoo ROBO RB 1202.5 motors. Crazy little power houses, astounded.

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