FLYWOO Mr.Croc-HD Frame 5cinch \ 6inch \ 7 inch racing FreeStyle for DJI FPV Air Unit DJI Digital FPV System

Size: 5inch
Color: Titan
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  • Description
  • no need to remove any parts to switch flight modes, four switching modes
    three reserved space for installation of three-layer flying tower, The camera can't see the propeller.

    Brand: FLYWOO
    Item Name: Mr.Croc-HD 5'' 6'‘ 7‘‘ Frame Kit
    Wheel base: 235mm(5'')/ 250mm(6'')/ 285mm(7'')
    Color: Gold/titanium
    Material: 100% 3K carbon fiber
    Thickness of arms: 5mm
    Thickness of top plate: 2mm
    Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
    Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/20*20mm
    Support camera size: 19*19mm 20*20mm
    Recommended motors: 22xx, 23xx, 28xx
    Weight: 135g/145g/155g(Including 3D printing)


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    Based on 10 reviews
    C. Hutcherson
    ~4.5 Stars~ Well thought out kit...but missing 1easy fix.

    You can remove the FC stack without taking the frame completely apart. Best protection for the DJI antennas than any frame. 4 different arm configurations and all the 3D printed parts you need...except one. I have the 5" 6s screamer bought PNP and the DJI air unit is attached with just a pull cable. Granted it works in a simple way as the unit has not moved through all the severe crashes flying a 6s brings, nor has the frame failed at all. But since it's made for the DJI air unit it should be included with the other 3D parts like I have seen on the market. Just two small rails under the unit molded to the edge of the frame would allow more air to flow around the air unit and get it off the (vibrating) frame, even if a pull cable secured it. Can't trust using just double sided tape since the unit gets so hot it will erode after a while. It would also be helpful to know exactly where the designers thought the LEDs should go. Lastly, still haven't figure out where the two flat gold metal pieces go since the schematic does not seem to address them or the LEDs. My 5" has no LEDs or the flat metal pieces for reference. It is still the best frame for the DJI air unit on the market.



    Love it...!

    Great kit, easy to assemble and looks very cool
    loads of space, everything fits easily
    Flies really smoothly, a perfect 7 inch quad

    ori edri

    Very good serves and fast delivety you are the best and the fpv fram is amizing

    It's a well designed and crafted frame

    This frame is strong with relatively thick arms whilst still making an effort to keep weight to a minimum. The upper portion of the frame is nice and flat meaning you have space to place an giant battery up there if wanted.
    The camera seems well protected with the 3d printed mount.
    There are no props visible in the FPV feed.
    Generally it is not a frame that needs any major improvements. I removed the rubber pad and replaced with velcro (as I do with all my quads) and I am considering whether to switch out the DJI antenna mounts for something further away from the frame to maximise signal. The signal strength from the stock antenna has been fine so far.

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