FLYWOO Mr.Croc 225mm 5inch \ 6inch \ 7Inch FPV FreeStyle Racing Frame Kit

size: 5inch
color: Gold
parts: Frame kit


Customer Reviews

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ordered on 6th Feb, nothing received as of 6th March

After one month of my order - item has not arrived,
very disappointed indeed.

very sorry. The factory was delayed due to the effects of the coronavirus. Your order is already on the way:)
Excellent for 7inch

Fantastic frame to work on. Plenty of real estate to mount your various parts with adequate spacing. Also there are holes for putting zip ties through in all the right places to secure them down.

Unknown at this time

Have yet to receive my order...

Your package will be delivered soon.Now Raleigh NC US:D From China to US about 10 days, the time is normal.
Great frame

Frame flys amazing in stretched x format have not flown it in any of the other arm formats as of yet but I will be trying them

Good Value Frame with multiple configurations

Overall this is a great freestyle frame at a relatively low price. It's made so that you can create 4 different configurations (dead cat, true X, etc) for whatever style you prefer. In addition the frame is long enough with mounting options in 3 different sections of the frame for 30mmx30mm or 20mmx20mm boards so that you dont have to worry about vertical space constraints or different size boards. For instance in the front section you can put a Caddx turtle HD camera board, in the middle section a 4-1 esc/Controller stack can be mounted and in the rear section there is room for a VTX board. Despite the length of this frame, it is comparatively light. The gold frame pillars and camera mount add some nice color to this overall attractive and sturdy frame. I plan to get this frame built and loaded with my components in the next month but from all the YouTube videos out there, this should be a great flyer for freestyle

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