CineRace20 2inch Frame Kit Parts

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  • Description
  • Description
  • CineRace20 Frame kit is redesigned by the Flywoo team with a lot of attention to detail.  Inspired by RaceWhoop designed by Free Zillion. 
    CineRace is double duct design , not a simple guard anymore. It can fly as flexible as a racing drone, and as stable as Cinewhoop. Pilots can quietly enjoy the fun of shooting a video without jelly and up to 15 minutes Super long flight time with Flywoo's latest 4S HV 900mah Battery !
    All in all, this is an all-round drone that can not only Racing , but also shooting a video stably , and at the same time achieve a super long flight time!

    Personalization Frame Kit

    • You can freely combine the color frame you like! (Please note :you need to replace the Ducts  yourself , all Pre-build Drone colors are determined.)

    Highly recommended battery

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    Customer Reviews

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    Camera Protect Mount

    I really like my Cinerace. But almost immediately the Camera Mount Protector was damaged. And it's very sad. The course camera is now crookedly fixed, not to mention the reliable mounting of the 4K camera. It's very frustrating. Besides. to order a spare part, you need to pay 10USD for delivery. And there is no file for 3D printing. Dear FLYWOO, what should I do in this situation???

    Hsia matteo
    Break Front Plastic Camera Mount

    is it possible to have the spare part? the rest of the drone is great!

    yes! The camera bracket material has been upgraded. More durable

    Emil Rosa
    Watch out these break easy, Front Plastic Camera Mount

    i had this same problem, 2nd flight and no hard strokes on front. and broken in 4 places. Now i use cyanoacrylate adhesive but i think it won't stick.flyywoo could make an STL file available for this mount. PLS

    We have replaced the new material. Please contact us for replacement

    Dan Sullinger
    I like and it has tiny tilt adjustment if needed, Caddx Peanut TPU Mount

    Caddx Peanut TPU Mount: Pretty hard to mount and I had to cut some of the center of the TPU away as it was too wide to fit the Cinerace20 HD mount. Now its not suppose to tilt but you can force about a 5-10 decree change in each direction, not easy but can be done. Fits my Caddx peanut just fine.

    Dan Sullinger
    Watch out these break easy, Front Plastic Camera Mount

    Font Plastic Camera Mount: I ordered a spare as the bottle screw mount cracks right at that area, I am not the only one this has happened to, one of the unboxers that Flywoo sent this to also came across the same problem, to brittle of material, you need to make this out of TPU.

    Thank you for your feedback. We are trying new materials

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