GOKU GN 745 40A AIO BL_32 (MPU6000 ) 25.5 X 25.5



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No INAV target at this stage

Despite the suppliers stating they would contact the INAV developers it appears that was just get get another sale from me. In a live stream by Pawel regarding a target he stated that they had not received even a single email showing interest in the target which would be ideal for this 745 chipset. Oh well, looks like this great board is going to be limited to a single use and not multiple uses, no loss to me I will just go to Kakute F745 which have multiple firmware targets and supply is always low as a result because you can use them anyway you want, unlike this board.

havent got it in the air yet but so far so good excpt the barometer is not recognized

im building a long range with this board.. im wondering why the barometer isnt being recognized by Betaflight? also cant find an INAV target for this board or anything similar. am i missing something?

flies like a dream on 5" ultralight

Flies like a dream. My best machine to date out of 6.
Stops from dives in a unbelievable manner, in a few inches.

5inch ultralight frame, 238g AUW, 2004 motors 3150kV on 3s battery 750mAh HQprops 5x3 biblades. On triblades hurricanes 5125 it goes up to 88Amps . On 1806 brottherhobby r4 2850kv motors is even more fun! even if I have more weight.

Latest blackbox showed a maximum 60% throttle used and it was eating up 52Amps total. Apparently, I did not need more. Hovers on 20% throttle.

Cons: price is high.

Bad Gyro

Before I even got it into a quad, I plugged it into betaflight and noticed the model was twitching.

Thinking it might have just been the fact it wasn't mounted, I built a full quad around it. QAS-V Mini frame, DJI Nebula Pro, Ghost RX set to Spectrum.

All was going good, except.. It was still twitching, and it was throwing a Calibration flag.

I increased the gyro threshold and eventually was able to arm it, but, it is not flyable. AT ALL.

Even a clean firmware with default settings, and it flips out just sitting on the desk.

Sad, as I was so hoping to have something smaller to fly.

pls contact our tech support flywoofpv@outlook.com . he will help you :)

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