FLYWOO ROBO RB 1202.5 5800kv \11500kv 2mm shaft FPV Motor

KV: 5800kv
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These motors are truly awesome, but..

5800kv These are some of the highest performing motors for 3-4S 3" Toothpick style quads ever made, and I have literally bought every motor in this range from all of the top manufacturers. Lightest, most efficient, smoothest, coolest, with crazy punch, assuming you've propped them right based on your AUW. My favorite props on these have to be the Avan Mini 3" because in addition to all the aspects I listed above, this combination is also very QUIET. Super stealth mode with crazy punch and over 5min of full punch acro, specifically on a 3mm thick Babytooth frame with Mamba 13A 16 x 16mm stack and 3S 450mah. I am happy to see in the reviews that others have caught on to theses motors. (Heads up, the 5500kv are just as good, and still available! I have a few sets of those too.) So next, if you want to take these babys to 4S , go with bi blade props.. I've had unprecedented results with the GF 3018s. Build light, and tight, that is, make sure your building is mechanically sound, and the stock BF tune will be great, and even better with minor adjustments. Listen to the motors. Oh, and on 4S I push these with a 20A whoop board. Sure I eventually burned one up when I refused to go pick up my quad, and went overboard trying to anti-turtle out of a bush, but that was purely my fault, and I was absolutely abusing those motors until one finally gave, and I saw a plume of smoke go sideways across my inverted video feed. Anyway, you can expect the same absurd flight times on 4S up to 650mah. Because of this, I actually turned one of these builds into a 3" long range with excellent results. basically still just the freestyle build, but with better vtx, and 900mhz RC. And with ELRS out now, I'm making a new LR/Freestyle build on ELRS 2.4 because it's light years ahead of any other options, and affordable! (Never have, and never will be a Anyway, these motors are peerless. Thats just a fact. I have over 60 quads, and am nearing 100 builds total, and I have gobs of motors, and these are some of the true standouts. So why one star? Read the other 1 star review. Honestly, it sounds like user error to me, but it's the reply from Flywoo that is the problem. Flywoo confidently says they will replace a defective motor, and that is a LIE, and I have a problem with that. I have at least 8-10 sets of these motors in 5500kv, 5800kv, and 11500kv in both 1.5mm, and 2.0mm, and only ONE TIME have I had a defective motor. On one of my first sets of 5800kv with the 2mm shaft, the prop shaft on ONE motor began slipping right from the beginning. No crashes, shiny new, it was just plain defective. I sent the requested photos and immediately "Ally," began to deflect the issue by telling me to check if I didn't lose the C clip on the bottom of the motor. What?! If you take one look at a motor you can see the C clip is *completely unrelated* to the bell slipping upward off the prop shaft. They had the photo I sent and could see clearly just as much, the bell slipped up that shaft so only a couple mm of shaft remained protruding out the bell top. "Ally" continued to give me this runaround and never would replace the single defective motor I encountered. So don't listen to or believe the arrogant hype that was written in response to the other 1 star review. Heck, buy the motors. You can see from my experience that you're unlikely to have a problem, but just know that if you do, you'll be going up against a liar who deflects responsibility back onto you, and who's goal is to rip you off on what is pennies to them in the long run. It's a shame that a manufacturer making such good gear has such poor policy, and truly hostile customer NONsupport. One of the worst experiences I've had as a consumer in all my life. I've never been treated so rudely, and dismissed without basis in such a manner. So there you go. Thats what you are getting into if you have the bad luck of receiving the rare defective motor. Like I said, enjoy the motors, but know the ugly face "Ally," that lurks behind the label, "Flywoo."

Ricardo Rua
Really disapointed.

I've bought the motors with high expectations, I didn't know the brand too much but I was finding really good reviews about them so I took a leap of faith.
The third day flying my brand new babytooth one of the motors started doing some weird noise, like "crunchy" instead of smooth. I didn't crash or anything so I found it weird. I took it apart and check it, but everything seemed ok. Two days after it stopped working. Maybe I had bad luck, but still...really disapointed.

Hello, please contact technical support. If it is a product defect, you will get a replacement

Fantastic motors

One of the best motors for 1s Toothpick. I use this motors in my Baby Tooth setup. Great performance.

Michael Schulze
Good motors, no screws needed

Using the 11500kv version with 1S batteries, I don't need screws to keep the rotors in place.

correction for the first picture

Robo serise.... you probably mean robo series

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