Flywoo ATOMIC 5.8GHz LHCP FPV Antenna For Dji Digital FPV

Type: MMCX 90°
size: Length: 30mm \ Tube 0mm


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Very fragile

After a few soft crashes the top element will break off, making the antenna useless.

Unfortunately one has to buy more spares of these than usual.


so far so good and have a very good range!

Wrong product

@ Flywoo replied: you put a mmxc 90 to spare parts of the flywoo explorer digitial, which you are selling with caddx vista, and a client makes a mistake by just ordering the antenna... okay I get it, tell me how i can send it back to you so you can send me the right one, thanks

wrong product delivered

@ Flywoo replied... here is my answer:

100% did not see anything about MMCX90° why would you have it to the flywoo explorer when you're selling it with the caddx vista and not with a dji air unit? This antenna has NOTHING to do with caddx Vista so what is it doing to the spare parts of the flywoo explorer which you are selling with caddx vista as digital fpv... I hope you understand my point

Wrong product delivered

Look this is very annoying... I ordered from the website for the spare parts for Flywoo Explorer digital (Which is obviously Caddx Vista) and they send me an antenna that does not fit to my Caddx Vista
How can you really not tell from what a client ordered from?!
I am even writing this review from the page and the above order... this is really annoying because so much time wasted on posting the package, please send me the right on for my caddx vista and thanks for the gift.

Hello. Please check your order. What you ordered is MMCX 90° / Length: 30mm \ Tube 0mm. This is for DJI Air unit

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