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  • How to update your GP9/GP10/GP11 ? 

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    Flywoo Action Camera GP11 is an ultimate and ultra-light design based on the Gopro Hero 11, specially made for FPV. We removed the traditional GoPro case and kept only what was necessary for the FPV , and designed a new case and BEC.  


    • Model: Flywoo Action Camera GP11
    • Brand name: FLYWOO 
    • Video Ratios:16:9/4:3/8:7
    • Video Stabilization:HyperSmooth 5.0
    • Video: 5K@60fps/4K@120fps/2.7K@240fps
    • 120Mbps Bit Rate 5.3K, 4K
    • Video format:MP4,
    • Video code: H.264/AVC,H.265AEVC
    • Input voltage: 2S-6S,Suit for 2S-6S Batteries
    • Output: 5V@2A
    • Connector: SH1.0-3P Connector
    • Protection: UV proction lens
    • Filter: CPL/ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32/ND64(optional)
    • Size: 67mm*48mm*20mm
    • Weight: 44.6g
    • You can choose to order a touch screen (more convenient to set parameters) Note: If you order a touch screen version, we will match everything. Every touchscreen is unique. Once damaged, you cannot order a replacement. 


    • Compared with the traditional Naked gopro, we have added an aluminum sheet to reinforce  and make it more durable.
    • Rear small fan, better heat dissipation, can continuously shoot 4K 120FPS (Gopro 10 bone, naked gopro can't, it will shut down in 5 minutes at most)
    • Compared with Gopro10 bones, GP9/10/11 is lighter, only 44g, more suitable for FPV players
    • Built-in front screen, optional rear touch screen
    • The gravity of GP9/10/11 is in the middle, which is more conducive to FPV flying and shooting.


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    Review: Flywoo GP9 Action Camera (Naked GoPro Hero 9)

    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Front Screen Display

    The Flywoo GP9 Action camera is basically the GoPro Hero 9 Black in a much lighter form that is known as a Naked GoPro.

    You can learn a bit more about Naked GoPro 9 in this post.

    Where to Buy

    Naked GoPro 9:

    They also do Naked GoPro 10:

    It comes with the following accessories

    • 1x Flywoo Action Camera 9 w/ UV Filter
    • 2x Power Cable
    • 1x Power BEC Balance Type-C Adapter
    • 2x PLA Mount
    • Cleaning wipes
    • manual


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Unbox Accessories


    ND Filters set can be bought separately:

    It comes with CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 lenses.


    Flywoo Naked Gopro Hero 9 10 Nd Filters


    Features and Specs

    The original GoPro Hero 9 Black weighs 158g, the Flywoo GP9 is under 45g. It’s heavier than other naked GoPro because they are keeping the front aluminium plate for extra protection and cooling. Still, both the GP9 and 10 from Flywoo are lighter than the GoPro 10 Bones.

    It has a built-in front screen which displays the camera settings as well as what you are filming.

    Optionally, you can also get a detachable back touch screen that allows you to view what you are filming and change camera settings on the spot.

    Here’s the specifications:

    • Resolution and Frame Rate: 5K@30fps/4K@60fps/2.7K@120fps
    • Video file format: MP4
    • Video encoding: H.264/AVC,H.265AEVC
    • Input voltage: 2S-6S
    • Built-in BEC Power: 5V@2A
    • Power Connector: SH1.0-3P
    • Lens Protection: UV lens
    • Dimension: 67mm*48mm*20mm
    • Weight: 44.9g

    Here’s a size comparison with other Naked GoPro’s.

    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Compare Gopro Hero6 8 9 10 Bones Height

    From left to right: Bones GP10, Flywoo GP9, Nameless GP9, GEPRC GP8, BetaFPV GP6

    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Compare Gopro Hero6 8 9 10 Bones Size

    From left to right: Bones GP10, Flywoo GP9, Nameless GP9, GEPRC GP8, BetaFPV GP6

    Closer Look at the Flywoo Naked GoPro 9

    The Flywoo GP9 comes with a protection lens (UV) already installed. It can be removed and swapped out to an ND filter which can be bought separately from Flywoo. The front colour screen is protected by transparent plastic.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Front Screen Display


    Both the case and BEC look similar to the NamelessRC version, but the new GP9 camera by Flywoo is clearly more refined and of higher quality. The locations of two buttons and power connector on the back are identical too.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Compare Nameless Hero9


    Even the lens have identical dimension, so both cameras can take the same ND filters.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Lens


    One major concern with Naked GoPro is overheating because the metal casing and heatsink are removed. By adding a cooling fan on the back could reduce the chance of overheating, but it also adds extra weight to the camera.

    The fan turns on as soon as power is connected even when the camera is off. It makes buzzing noise, but I can hardly hear it in the video, and it definitely not an issue if you are using the camera on a drone as the motors are much louder.

    If you don’t like the fan, it can be easily removed.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Back Cooling Fan


    Because of the added fan and extra material used for protection, the Flywoo version is nearly 15 grams heavier than the NamelessRC’s (almost 50%).

    SD card slot on the side:


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Sd Card Slot You can either use the cables provided to power the GoPro, or solder wires to the BEC directly.



    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Power Connector Input Voltage


    The balance port power cable has a built-in voltage regulator in it. It can take up to 6S LiPo input, and it outputs 11V (tested with 4S and 6S Lipo). It’s quite a convenient and safer solution to power the camera, as there’s no extra soldering required, just plug it in to the LiPo’s balance lead and you are good to go. And it reduces the voltage spikes that could potentially fry the camera too.

    Here’s what the camera holder looks like. It’s right in the middle which helps ensure the centre of mass is in the centre, however that means the lens is off to the left side slightly.

    The hole is for M2 hardware.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Holder


    This is how I am mounting it on the Flywoo Venom hexacopter I recently reviewed.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera H20 Hexacopter The camera is powered off 4S voltage directly.



    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera H20 Hexacopter Power Back


    Here’s inside of the camera, and how the BEC board looks like. The microphone is located at the bottom.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Bec Board Tear Down Pcb


    How to Use Flywoo GP9

    The menu language was initially set to Chinese, so I had to change it to English by following this video.

    WiFi/Bluetooth was turned off by default, to turn it on you need to attach the back touch screen, or scan the QR code (the camera beeps when it detects the QR code). After that the app should find the gopro.

    Here’s how to attach the back screen, make sure it’s all the way in.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Back Screen Display Connect Attach You can change settings using just the back screen, but I would advise against doing so because the connector isn’t designed for repeated connections, eventually it will wear out if you use it too many times. Normally it’s best to use the GoPro Quik App on your phone for changing settings. You can change all the camera settings in the app including protune, shutter speed, ISO, sharpness etc.



    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Connect Wifi Quik App


    Here’s the manual that comes with the camera.


    Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera Manual Instructions



    GoPro image quality is undisputedly the best you can get from a camera this size.

    I will upload some footage from this camera later this week, but there’s already thousands of videos on youtube taken by the GoPro Hero 9 you can go check out.

    If you don’t want to build your own naked GoPro, and you can’t get the GoPro Bones which is limited to people in the USA, then the Flywoo GP9 and GP10 are great options. The built-in cooling fans are great for those who worry about overheating especially in the summer.

    The Flywoo is heavier than other self-built Naked GoPro, but that depends on how much you value the extra protection it offers. It’s still considerably lighter than the GoPro Bones, and there aren’t that many other off-the-shelf naked gopro options on the market right now.

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