Firefly hex nano INAV Hexacopter Analog Micro Drone (with prop guards)

Receiver option: PNP
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Dirk Hartmann
Great Product, gread service, Flywoo rocks!

I ordered the Firefly Hex with (I think) anything selectable. Flywoo sent an amazing packing, and also an aftersales change of the order was possible without any problems.
If service is like this all the time, I'll be a loyal customer

Jonathan Mueller
Flywoo hex inav analog

As a first quad i find gpod quality price ratio. And design as well. Since this one i bought 2 other flywoo quads.
Go forward with innovation and give customer fidelity advantage.

Edi Fantini
bigger is better

Nice ... but make a iNav big one for November

Gregory Quillen
Great all around quad

I have tested return to home. Position hold. Altitude hold. All works. Quad flies great. I have done over 10mins flights and gone exploring. I have lost s prop mid flight and made it home.
Only issue is sometimes I get gps error if I don't get a home fix soon enough and have to unplug battery and replug. Doesn't happen when flying just waiting for satellites. Also turn off satellite arm safety so you can by pass by flipping arm switch and arm with less than 8sat. But turn off return to home.

No Final Inav 3.0 Version ... just a old relase candidate

Be aware, that the Inav version is using an older 3.0 release candidate and currently there are no targets for the Hexa FC version to upgrade to the Final INAV 3.0 version, which provides important updates compared to the installed Inav 3.0 RC firmware!
So until Flywoo release a final firmware Inav3.0, it is not possible to update and you are stuck to the release candidate!

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