Explorer LR HD 4'' V2 Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad without Caddx Vista HD System

Receiver option: PNP
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Andrew Bimpson
Best drone with DJI

Love flying this model with dji Goggles .i fly mine on Lion 2600 battery, getting around 18 minutes flying time with out pushing battery to far.did the hack on mine & fly on 200mw.

Cherniy Vladislav

the drone is good, but I didn't like it, sorry)

Brian Flores
My favorite daily flyer for 2021

Hands down my favorite flyer, so far, in 2021. I used to be all about fastest, largest, etc. This changed all of that. I found that it let me fly without those butterflies in the stomach. Just a joy to fly. I am doing the 750 MAH batteries. Five times were plenty long enough. If I had to make any complaints, it would be that freakishly long antenna. I'm sure it probably is a good thing to have that though for the VTX transmission / reception. I am debating however to swap that out for the original caddix study antenna that my vista came with. In short, this quad has taught me I much prefer 4-in over 5-in.

Milford Killian-Dawson
My favourite quad!

It's really very nice, I would recommend to anyone. I had to adjust the tune to make it fly exactly how I like but out of the box it's not bad. Now I've got it locked in it flies so smooth doing cinematic flying and it's awesome for some light freestyle as well. I get about 9 minutes with a 650mah 4s which is incredible, and with the same lipo I get about 6 minutes with a naked GoPro on top. The V2 gps works as expected and RTH once setup how I like has been reliable for me so far. The f7 FC is very nice and I love the LEDs on each corner. I flashed the ESCs with the new BLHELI M firmware and enabled RPM filtering. I know this wasn't recommend on the V1 but I think the V2 handles it great and I haven't had any problems. Motors are very cool and like I said it flies amazing. The DJI system is of course awesome and the range is great even though I haven't tested it past 1km yet. I love this quad, it's beautifully built and Dave C really knows what he's doing. 10/10

Marc Pike
One of the best quads I have owned

Owned several 3" and 5" and Cinewoops and this little guy is the most efficient, is fast and smooth. Wonderful flyer.

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