Explorer LR 4 Analog Pro Micro Long Range FPV Bnf F745 BGA FC 35A ESC GPS V2.0



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Very good little drone

Overall I love her.

A few caveat though:
- the GPS cables are not shielded with copper tape as on the V2 version. I am not sure why flywoo has stepped back for this. (Please feel free to answer)
- not sure why is the real vrx power. In beta flight the various power label are not named according to the power advertised on the datasheet. This is confusing.
- the cam is pretty good but I have some banding in darker areas. This might be caused by my (cheap) goggles though. I have to extend my test.
- Bluetooth module is not secures in place. A cable tie or some double side tape would be convenient.
- same remark for xm+ module.
- Bluetooth is very convenient but range is very limited. (Less than 2 meter).
- there is no spare arms. ( This is a regression compared to initial version of the explorer )
- the vtx antenna is a pain to install and you have to remove it to store the quad after use.

But overall once again this is a very good quad well polished and easy to fly

Awesome quad

Nice drone. Love bluetooth, easy tune on the field. Freestyle easy with smaller battery. Tighten your screws before flight, I'v lost one first day. Little bit of noise on vtx. Hard to mount vtx antenna. Unnecessary wire for SMO cam, if you do not have one :) over all I love it. And main thing - shipping to Europe took 11days with no tax. Bravo FlyWoo 🖤 Recommend!

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