CineRace20 V2 Neon Led DJI HD w/ digital Vista 2inch

Receiver: BNF-DJI
Camera: Polar Nano 60fps
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  • Description
    • Upgraded 1203Pro 3400KV to 1203Pro 4850KV . Same flight time , more power
    • Add Buzzer. Low voltage alarm, out of control alarm

    CineRace20 a new concept and more than a cinewhoop  . Inspired by RaceWhoop designed by Free Zillion.  This is a combinathion of CineWhoop and RaceWhoop!
    CineRace is double duct design , not a simple guard anymore. . It can fly as flexible as a racing drone, and as stable as Cinewhoop. Pilots can quietly enjoy the fun of shooting a video without jelly and up to 12 minutes Super long flight time with Flywoo's latest 4S HV 900mah Battery !
    All in all, this is an all-round drone that can not only Racing , but also shooting a video stably , and at the same time achieve a super long flight time!


    • 1. Almost all parts are injection molded. ABS\PC material. More sturdy and durable.
    • 2. Very easy to disassemble and install, only fixed by two aluminum columns.
    • 3. Pilots can freely combine their favorite colors to be more individual
    • 4. Efficient power configuration and reasonable structural design ensure CineRace20 flight stability, low noise, and super long flight time up to 12mins
    • 5. No Propellers in view, NO Jello flight Footage, stable flight picture
    • 6. With its own power cable output to the SMO camera (If you are using a gopro 6/7/8 camera, you need to buy an adapter cable )
    • 7. Add Flywoo Bt-nano Bluetooth Module

      You can use mobile devices to set the parameters of the flight controller



    • 1x Prebuilt and tested CineRace20 Quadcopter
    • 4x D51-5 Props (Pairs)
    • 2x Battery Strap
    • 1x Hardware Set


    Configuration table
  • Video
  • Ridiculously Tiny 4K FPV Drone is Actually Awesome!!!

    FLYWOO CineRace20 V1.2 Neon Led Latest release

    CineRace20 HD + Naked Gopro + Explorer 900mah 4s Battery Flight time test  11mins!

    CineRace20 Narrated Day Flight

    Flywoo Night Flight Preview

    Flywoo Cinerace20 HD Review & Indoor / Outdoor Flights

    Some los flying with the cinerace20hd with default settings.

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    Based on 26 reviews
    Grzegorz Madeka

    CineRace20 V2 Neon Led DJI HD w/ digital Vista 2inch

    Huberto Jardim
    Amazing mini-whoop

    The Flywoo CineRace20 is a fantastic little quad. It's sturdy, flies smoothly and is perfect for those indoor 1-shots. The prop guards protect the frame and props nicely and are easy to change if you do happen to break them. If you want to change the LEDs you will need to solder.

    Chris Setty
    Amazing Cinewhoop

    This drone is the perfect drone for getting great cinematic footage in tight spaces. Love flying it indoors. So stable and very responsive. Love the Caddx Polar camera. In low light it is absolutely incredible to fly. I replaced the ELRS TX with TBS Tracer recently and it was easy to access everything. Love this thing and if it ever broke, I would immediately replace it. Love love love this amazing drone. Flywoo always comes through with the features and quality. I hope another generation of this little guy is in the works. So good.

    Cinerace 20

    This amazing drone is so much fun to chase your friends around with and is great for smooth cinematic shots I love how small and easy it is to put in my bag I also love how easy it is to handle!

    Michael Lorentzen

    Great quad, easy to repair1

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