CineRace20 V1.2 Neon Led Frame kits

Color: Transparent Black w/ Purple led
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  • Description
    • Upgraded camera bracket, super durable.
    • Added Neon Led enjoy the fun of indoor racing and flying at night!
    • Added 12V BEC with switch , You can choose to turn on the LED or turn off

    CineRace20 Frame kit is redesigned by the Flywoo team with a lot of attention to detail.  Inspired by RaceWhoop designed by Free Zillion. 
    CineRace is double duct design , not a simple guard anymore. It can fly as flexible as a racing drone, and as stable as Cinewhoop. Pilots can quietly enjoy the fun of shooting a video without jelly and up to 15 minutes Super long flight time with Flywoo's latest 4S HV 900mah Battery !
    All in all, this is an all-round drone that can not only Racing , but also shooting a video stably , and at the same time achieve a super long flight time!

    Personalization Frame Kit

    • You can freely combine the color frame you like! (Please note :you need to replace the Ducts  yourself , all Pre-build Drone colors are determined.)
      Link: CineRace20 Frame Kit Parts 



    • Wheelbase: 90mm
    • Material: ABS\PC
    • Weight: 48g
    • Compatible with digital and analog 


    Highly recommended battery

    Recommended parts


    • 1 x CineRace20 V1.2 Neon Led Frame kits  ( Compatible with digital and analog )
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    Based on 8 reviews
    carlito go
    cinerace20 led kit

    the best led kit for your quad from 2inch to 5 inch quad! good quality and lots of freebies

    Leland Gordon
    Great little frame

    For the most part I love this frame. It's tight, light, and compact. I love the super bright LED's and the antenna holder at the rear. I do have a few minor gripes though. First the adhesive on the LED's isn't that great. I regularly have to restick the entire strand. Second, if you have to do anything to the FC you have to split the entire quad in half. Once it's apart it is very hard to get everything shoved back in place. Third, the ducts aren't the most resilient. I've broken three out of four ducts. The switch that turns the LED's on and off is very tiny and hard to get in to place so I wound up putting in a tinyled's vtx switch which turns the lights on and off through a switch on the controller. The lights do tend to shine into the fpv camera so a little extra shielding might help with night flights. It's a nice compact fun little quad with a few minor flaws.

    JACOB Cédric

    C'est fun il manque juste une vidéo pour le montage quand on n'est débutant comme moi.

    Nico Kraakman
    Perfect for low light races

    Using it for 2 months now, the tape is a bit fidely to get on the whoops, but the rest is really durable,
    A shame its on colour,

    Brice GOMIS
    Good Products & Packaging

    I have never been disappointed with flywoo, the packaging is always impeccable.

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