What do I need to know in advance about ordering Explorer LR?

1、Can I order batteries?

1、 Of course, but we can only transport orders for drones + two batteries, or frame + electronics + two batteries 。

2、Which countries you can ship to if i order batteries ? 

1、 Non-European countries
USA \ Canada \ Australia etc.(drones + two batteries, or frame + electronics + two batteries )Pls choose $30 shipping service, Standard shipping cannot ship batteries.

2、European countries (drones + two batteries, or frame + electronics + two batteries )
You can choose $5 standard shipping service or $30 express service 

3、Dubai, as much as you like . Shipping fee is non-standard, I will PM you after you order

3、How should I choose the shipping method?.

1、 European countries 
Recommended choice standard shipping or direct route (Default direct line,If you want DHL Express, please email us. ) 
2、Include customs duties route(Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia)
3、USA , DHL is the fastest

4、How long will my order be delayed?.

1、 There will be a delay of 7-20 days
If it has not been shipped for more than 20 days, please contact me immediately (ally_flywoo@outlook.com)
2、All orders are shipped according to the order time. When you receive the email with the tracking number, it proves that we have shipped it.

5、How long is the screw for NIN 1404 V2 motor ?.

1、 M2x7 (Using the wrong screw will cause damage to the motor.)

6、Which CLI command should my explorer use?