FLYWOO BT-NANO V3 Bluetooth Module for fpv drone

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  • Description
  • Main Changelog from V2 to V3 :
    1. Replaced with new MCU and new program
    2. Improve the slow connection problem of Android
    3. Faster and more stable connection

    Brand Name: FLYWOO
    Item Name: BT-NANO bluetooth module v3

    Input voltage : 3.3-5v
    Transmission distance : 30M
    Bluetooth Protocol: bluetooth Specification V4.0 BLE Frequency Range: 2400 MHZ - 2483.5MHZ (2.4G ISM Band) Baud Rate: 115200
    MCU : New MCU
    Size: 13mmX16mm
    Weight: 0.4g
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    Mathew Rance
    Essential connection

    Every quad should have one.. tiny in size but huge in power, Bluetooth all quads


    Made a waterproof quad but the problem was the USB port, so that is when I stumbled upon this. Now I've sealed my USB port and the entire quad can dive in the water. Worked straight after soldering (standard baud). Will probably add them to my other quads as well just for convenience of changing stuff on the go!

    Works great but only bind at 9600 bps

    I've bought a CinerRace 20 Analog Pro equippend with BT-Nano V3 module. I had some intitial problem to connect to Speedy Bee either at 115600bps as suggested by CineRace 20 manual, either at 19200bps as suggested by app FAQ. I achived to connect only at of 9600bps. Evenif at lower boud rate the module works great and connection seems to be stable. Speedy Bee it's great when you need to tune some FC parameters on the go.

    Nano BT - it works great

    I had problems with the V2, so I was sent the V3 the day they finished building them, the range is huge and the connection speed is up to standard now. Worth a purchase, shame the price increase though. 5 stars.

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