GOKU GN 413 13A AIO V2.1 (MPU6000) 25.5X25.5

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    The Flywoo GOKU GN413S AIO Toothpick FC is a specially customized for your toothpick builds! This FC is super light, weighs only 6g, comes with 2-4S input voltage, and has a 13A ESC continuous current.


    GOKU GN413S AIO Toothpick FC

    • MCU: STM32F411
    • IMU: MPU6000 gyro/accelerometer (SPI)
    • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
    • black box: 8M
    • LED:4*WS2812
    • BEC Output: 5V@2A
    • Integrated LC Filter
    • Barometer:No
    • Firmware target: FLYWOOF411

    13A 4in1 ESC

    • ESC MCU: BB21F16G
    • Continuous current: 13A
    • Input:2-4s lipo
    • Supports Dshot600 ,Oneshot,Multishot
    • Size: 34×34mm board,25.5mm mounting holes (M2)
    • Weight: 6g 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    The board is great and the best

    The board is great and the best but the vtx pads are very small and get shorted easily .Even though The CTC works fine but I suggest that the pin head should be used instead of soldering the Btc wires to the Flight controller. Overall a best board

    Tyrone Lawson
    Great FC

    This the perfect FC for Primo and whoop builds

    Amir N
    Board is great for Betaflight users. Inav is a different story..

    Board is great! but inav firmware 2.5.2 doesn't support FPORT - or its broken..
    For a F4 board Fport is a must it you want telemetry without wasting an UART.
    and for the previously 2.3.0 inav firmware that was posted here - Fport worked! but motor 1 was not working..

    it does work fine with latest betaflight releases, but theres not much use for the BARO in that case...

    Its a great board but it could be so much better with the right software support..

    Dr. Plant
    Works beautifully

    Used the flight controller for a light weight 3d printed 3inch quadcopter in combination with 1104 motors. It worked perfectly out of the box. The solder pads are easily accessible. A nice feature is the on board barometer which gives you an indication of the height you're flying at!

    Ramon Abarca
    Flywoo Goku AIO

    Very Happy. Easy to solder, to configure. Lightweight...
    I build this little one:

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