HEXplorer LR 4 4S Hexa-copter BNF with Caddx Vista Digital HD System F405 Nano BGA BS13A 6IN1

Receiver option: PNP
Camera: Polar 60fps
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  • As we said before, we will explore more fun with Dave_C in the new field of #micro long range. We did it! After the success of Explorer LR 4, everyone has many new needs. For example: I hope it can carry a full-size gopro! I hope it is perfect for freestyle and cruising! I hope it has Bluetooth function!

    We are proud to announce that Hexplorer Hexa-copter is finally here!

    Continue to develop new products to meet the needs of more users.


    “ The Flywoo Explorer made a new class of quads mainstream: Micro Long Range! These quads are a compact, sub 250g 4" platform that will still allow you an impressive range and flight times of over 30 minutes on Lithium-Ion packs. Next to these 4" platforms we do see more and more light 5" quads geared towards long flight times. They are usually over 250g but overall faster and capable of carrying heavy loads like full GoPros - Something I wouldn't recommend on 4" where a naked GoPro is a much better choice. Instead of moving up to a bigger prop size for these increased payloads, Flywoo applied some really cool out of the box thinking and created the HEXplorer! Six 4" props have indeed almost the exact same disc area a 5" quad has. Disc load and therefore the overall noise level gets reduces a lot compared to the Explorer when you carry a heavy 4S Li-Ion and a GoPro, while power and freestyle capabilities are increased on lighter packs.

    So to summarize things: If you want super long flight times and range while staying sub 250g - Get the Explorer! If you want the smallest and quietest platform to able to carry a full GoPro while still having good flight times and performance - Get the Hex! “

    HEXplorer LR 4 Vista / Nebula Nano V2 BNF Specification :

    • Goku F405 hex nano stack 16x16
    • Dave_C & Nin 1404 V2 2750kv motors
    • Goku M8N mini gps v2.0
    • Flywoo Finder v1.0
    • Flywoo Bt-nano Bluetooth module
    • Gemfan 4024 props
    • Atomic 5.8 G antenna LHCP 

    Recommend Battery : 

    • Naked Gopro & SMO 4K & Insta360 go  ---Explorer 18650
    • Gopro 5/6/7/8 & Insta360 One R ---- Tattu 1050 4s mah or 850 4s mah 

    Highlights & Specification :
    1、 Equipped with GOKU HEX F405 16X16 NANO STACK, and NIN 1404 v2-2750kv, support 4s battery. Use powerful F405 BGA chip,barometer, black box, WS2812LED,
    support 7 complete hardware serial ports, I2C and other functions are all open ! Enough to meet all FPV needs.

    2、As Dave C saidIf you want the smallest and quietest platform to able to carry a full GoPro while still having good flight times and performance - Get the Hex!

    3\ The Hex LR is perfect for pilots who prefer freestyle. Not just cruising. 


    4\ Flywoo Bt-nano Bluetooth Module
    You can use mobile devices to set the parameters of the flight controller.


    5\ Using Flywoo Goku Mini GPS V2.0, searching for satellites is faster and more stable than the V1.0


     6\ All versions have been solder power cables for SMO 4K , If you want to use naked gopro 6/7/8, just change the power plug . 



    Includes : 

    • 1* Prebuilt and tested HExplorer LR Drone 
    • 1* Spare srew
    • 2*Gemfan 4024 4pcs 
  • Video
  • What's the point of a 4" hexacopter? FLYWOO HEXPLORER LR


    TEST d'un Drone FPV Cinematic capable de voler 30min ! 😲 (Parfait pour débuter)


    FLYWOO Explorer Hex LR is the BEST Long Range Drone


    Flywoo Long Range Hexplorer! LR4


    Explained | Flywoo HEXPLORER




    Je TESTE un drone FPV long-mid range de 220g!


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    Based on 15 reviews
    Allen Hotchkin
    Great product, exceeds industry standards!

    I have Been completely impressed by the quality of flywoo products, they definitely have a premium feel to them. If I lost or destroyed my flywoo products I would gladly re-purchase. The hexplorer is amazing, I just wished it had an inav target so I could get it's true potential.

    James Love
    Super fun. Does it all

    I have had the Hexplorer for over a year. It can do do so many things that more expensive and bigger drones can do without breaking the bank or scaring people in the park. It is a long flight time, immersive experience to fly. Gave me the courage to try long range 7 inch builds but I feel the Hex is my favourite still. I can just fly it. Aside from some serious mountain surfing I fly it for everything.

    工藤 政宣
    Thank you for the best response

    Even though the product went missing due to a delivery problem of international transportation, we had you make up for the missing item.
    I think the problem is in transportation, but the person in charge took care of it for recovery.
    Thank you very much for your kindness
    Thank you for your continued support.

    Aaron Kelly
    Great first drone

    This thing flies great, doesn't swim so well.

    This was a great drone to learn to fly with. I'm more interested in long range than stunts or racing so it was perfect. Unfortunately, mine met with an untimely end in a swimming pool. Results were gnarly, dude. Talk about an expensive bath. :)

    Make sure you load up inav3, as they've got OSD with the DJI goggles working perfectly!

    Isaac Paul
    First FPV Drone

    Fantastic first drone, it’s really got me hooked on this. It’s built well with a few minor crashes not effecting it at all. Here’s a clip of my first five ever FPV flights with the Hex https://youtu.be/K4tKXaKptLA

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