Firefly Baby Quad DJI HD Micro Drone w/ Vista Polar Nano V2 F745 FC (with prop guards)

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Neil Shelton El

So fun to fly. Great range

Great Little Flyer

This HD version is a great little flyer. Well tuned from factory it flies superbly well straight out of the box. No issues with binding to the DJI goggles or controller and capable of 4 to 5 minute flight times with 450. Props however are fragile so order additional you will probably need them. Camera is small but not the best effort from Cadex with inconsistent colour rendition and oh yes don't every fly it in long grass as you'll never find it if it does go down. That said you will have lots of fun with this little gem.

Jerry Lee
Fun little ripper

This little baby is fun. I took off a star because the props break if you look at them funny

Bryan Hunt
Wow! The Baby Quad is Awesome.

I received my Baby Quad HD a week ago and got it with crossfire. The range is fantastic for a small drone. I would easily compare it to my Rocket Plus HD, except this is smaller and quieter and has a more extended range than the Rocket Plus HD. My first three flights were great, and I was impressed with the tune, the camera, and the speed of this Baby Quad. I got more than 5 1/2 minutes of flight on a 4s 450 battery. I had the throttle without a Go Pro at about 40% for the sustained flight. So I was surprised by the range. I love this little quad. The only suggestion is to avoid what I did. I flew a range test at a Nature preserve around the backside of a stand of trees. It was no problem the first time I did it. The second time I did it, my Crossfire Tango 2 transmitter gave me a critical signal verbal message, so I climbed over the stand to signal back, then my Baby Quad did a failsafe into a vast area of 6-foot weeds and vines never to be seen again. It's tiny and impossible to find if that happens because it does not have a beeper.

However, I loved my three flights so much that I was willing to spend another $360.00 to get another one. I ordered more prop guards. The prop guards and the props feel like they could break easily. I usually would not do that, but this quad is that good.

Also, I would recommend adding a beeper to the Baby Quad if you fly in anything more profound than a manicured lawn.

Ibrahim Bennett
This drone works great!

Making a review for how amazing this is.

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