Explorer LR 4 V2 Analog Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad Bnf

Receiver option: PNP


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Mark Holland
Favourite Quad

I bought this quad on impulse after seeing it advertised on YouTube. I am amazed by how much fun I am getting from such a small package. Very reliable and I bring it everywhere now in case I get a chance to fly. My favourite drone by far.

is nice fly

but i need firmware number ,now have some trouble!

Marco C.

It flies amazing, great model for long range and freestyle as weel. I reached 4km distance with stock config. A must have !

John Pullen
Awesome and great support

This is a great little quad. Flies great and GPS works well. Note that the VTX is limited and only certain channels work to comply with regulations. Long press the button on VTX for about 10sec to unlock all channels. My only regret is I did not get the DJI version. I will be ordering another!
The support from Flywoo us absolutely first class. After ordering the Explorer I subsequently put in an order gor DJI Goghles. Not a cheap item but I was that impressed after first order!

Explorer LR 4 V2 Analog Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad Bnf + LiIon batteries

Since I've received my package from Flywoo I did just a few flights so my following review will be upon these experiences. On the whole, everything looks good and at some moments I wish to have some improvement so let's get closer to it: 1. camera is showing the picture and that is ok, but the color quality is pretty bad and I wish to have either camera control pre-enabled (but as we have F4 here) just put OSD control board into the package so the owner could adjust camera options. 2. Screws I really like big packet with additional screws but I found out that screws used in a quad in most cases are too long so we have unneeded weight and from production side, isn't it cheaper to put shorter (wisely shorter) screws into the build ? any way in order to make the quad lighter I'm planning to change all screws to titanium or aluminum. 3. LiIon battery here I wish to have small instruction added to the package with recommended betaflight settings for this battery and some tips about min/max voltage etc. Now let's look to positive moments GPS get connected to sats in a moment - Awesome!! Fight time and quad responsivnes for a cruiser - Awesome! The quad itself is planed wisely, battery mount super easy to use, space for HD recording camera and other additional stuff - really big thanks to Dave_C and Flywoo.

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