HEXplorer LR 4 4S Hexa-copter BNF without Caddx Vista HD System F745HEX BGA BS13A 6IN1

Receiver option: PNP


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Impressive Quality, plus "It's a HEX!"

I'm impressed with the quality of design and workmanship on the HEXplorer LR. The carbon fiber looks very good and the tpu parts are printed well. The flight controller is very smooth and fast. The motors give the Hex plenty of power for carrying my camera or just ripping some fun freestyle. I'm excited to start some really long range testing, but the HEXplorer has already exceeded my expectations.

Fun Hexacopter!

This 4” propped hexacopter is a blast! Flys like a 5” freestyle quad when you use a 850mAh 4s lipo. Has nice throttle resolution and doesn’t feel underpowered. Get’s 4 to 5 minutes of freestyle flight on the 850mAh lipo. Throw on a 3000mAH Li-ion pack and it becomes a cruiser. I’ve seen people get close to 30 minute flight times, me personally only 15 minutes but was due to weather and a fast pace. If I were to just cruise around like a cinematic copter getting over 20 minutes of flight is not a problem. It’s also not that loud which is nice.

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