HEXplorer LR 4 Hexa-copter Bnf Count donw !

As we said before, we will explore more fun with Dave_C in the new field of #micro long range. We did it! After the success of Explorer LR 4, everyone has many new needs. For example: I hope it can carry a full-size gopro! I hope it is perfect for freestyle and cruising! I hope it has Bluetooth function!

We are proud to announce that Hexplorer Hexa-copter coming sooon !!

Continue to develop new products to meet the needs of more users.

Christmas activities: 

1、8% discount on all products !Include Hexplorer LR and Explorer LR, valid for 72 hours

2、Buy 1 get 1 free gift . Any purchase of Hexplorer LR 4 Bnf can get 1 free TPU Mount (Gopro 7 / Insta360 One R / Naked Gopro / SMO 4K/ Insta360 go)

We promise: All orders during the discount period will be shipped before Christmas .  Happy holiday & Merry Christmas !!! 

More details coming Soon!




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Gregory Quillen

Gregory Quillen

Says Coming Soon in the photo. So not out for purchase.

Matt wilson

Matt wilson

I dont see anywhere to purchase your flywoo hexacopter. Where can I buy this?

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